Hello, I am looking for an API that will feed me soccer stats from leagues like the EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga such as personal player information (name, height, weight, dob, etc.), player statistics (goals, assists, minutes played), as well as results from games.

If anyone knows of a service (maybe even sites like premierleague.com have API's that aren't being advertised) I would be interested.

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Not sure if you need an api for that.Search for sites that have statistical postings and an RSS feed and insert the RSS into your reader or site.Many blog formats have built in RSS capability or in case of Word Press there are also RSS plug-ins with widgets.In most Word Press blogs ,simply adding the RSS feed address into a sidebar text widget will give you what you want.There are even plug-ins available to add a widget inside a page or post so that you can increase it's size to match the blog body.

I know this is an old thread, but when I was looking at potential API-services I "stumbled" upon www.xmlsoccer.com which have a nice selection of leagues for a very low price. You are allowed to use one league for free for development purposes, which means that I could develop my website (football prediction) for free without any costs until I was ready to deploy.

Try fantasysportnet - data (http://fantasysportnet.com/data/home.jsp)

They cover the major European football leagues … EPL, Bundesliga, Spanish league, Serie A, and provide stats through a simple API.

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