Hi there.

I am looking to create a script in php that will get an image from an upload form and upload it to a site using ftp.
It needs to save the original image in the site images/full/ and also create a proportional image thumbnail (100x100) in images/thumb/
What is the simplest way to go about this?

EDIT: Oh just to mention i need to create a script, not use a web app :)


You want a script and not use a webapp but then you say that you get a file from a form.

If you want to get a file from a webform:
You just Post the form to the server.

Then use the ftp_put function of php to copy the file to the remote server:

note: if you really dont want to use a webapp to upload the file, you can make a script that receives an argument with the name of the file.

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