Was just wondering how do you developers check for vulnerabilities in your scripts.

Apart from doing some manual testing, do you use any tools to check for vulnerabilities in your scripts like forms etc?

I am trying to look for some software that i can install on computer or an addon for firefox that i can use to check if my site forms for example are vunerable to attack.

Could anyone recommend anything good they use?

I code my scripts using the best to my knowledge which i feel my knowledge on sanitising user data is pretty good plus i use regular expressions to help aswell, but still after something that could help me test my site for vulnerabilities etc. I do my testing on local if that helps.


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I am not really sure if there are really good software to test scripts, and if there are any they are not as effective as the manual testing since each script handles information differently.

my advice is to never trust the user input and to (if you fell necessary) pay an expert or a friend some money to check the code for you

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