IIS in my system is running when I checked in the control panel/Administrative Tools/Services/IIS admin. Now when I enter any address in the browser, it is trying to fetch it from Internet instead of getting it from local server i.e., my system. Am I clear? Pls help me. I got this internet connection recently. Before that I used to work with IIS at my system and develop software in ASP. Now I need to make changes to the software I have developed.

In other words, what I need now is,
when I type address in the browser, it should display pages from my system, not the internet.
How can I test whether IIS in my system is serving asp/html pages or not.

i.e., when I type http://localhost/ in the browser I want a page to be displayed. At present, the message "The page cannot be displayed" is being shown.

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You may also verify what home directory is setup in your website and what documents are established to be automatically run. Do you allow directory browsing? What about rights to the folder?

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