i have been lookin in the net but i can t found anything help me.

i want to sell Vodafone Code in my website

like this page http://networkcodes.co.uk/getcodes.php for exemple

and i email user back with code after payment done via card credit or paypal

its possible to do it and how ? Thanks

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to do a site like that, you're going to need secure form processing, some database interactivity to store sales records and customer info, and some email scripts to communicate with your customers. You are also going to need some sort of payment gateway to process credit cards. Google the term 'payment gateway' and you'll find a ton of them...In your travels check out paypal, google checkout, and authorize.net...a lot of gateways will require you to have a merchant's account and a high credit score...talk to your local bank/financial institution about that. Here's some links to get you started.




That's a basic nutshell.

If you are fairly new to PHP, I would recommend you practice your coding quite a bit more before trying to tackle a project like this. You're looking at a fairly complex project from a coding perspective. I always recommend the newest version of this book to aspiring php developers, as it gives real world application coding examples:


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