This Script add small im.. i guess i dont have to explain all know the back to top icon :D

Script Contain 3 Files:
I)JS - Back To Top Code.txt (the code u gonna add in each page)
II)scrolltopcontrol.js (the javascript file)
III) up.png (the image that u c)

commented: useless crap, top of page links do not need javascript, are added to a single file, the menu include, not every page and are a single line of html -1

useless crap, top of page links do not need javascript, and are a single line of html

<a name="top"></a><a style="background:transparent; color:#000000; text-align:right; font-size:85%; top:auto; left:auto; bottom:1px; right:1px; position:fixed;" name="gototop" href="#top">↑Top</a>

(inline css added for clarity, css belongs in the stylesheet)

the script make it smooth and when u already top it disappear...its for the professional sites not the sites u make :) thanks for ur -1 :)

and its not written by you,
you stole copyright material unattributed from Dynamic Drive
& Google apps Libraries, very piss poor

your attempt to alter my scores, failed,
thousands of posts, hundreds of kudos, hundreds of solved threads,
please continue if you wish, it wont take too many days for even something like you to find all my posts,

value scale 0 - 10
DarkBerzerk, you personify zero

commented: Well spotted. Thank you -3

Lmao first i didnt say i write this :)...second its all about i found some thing good so i share :)....stop saying fake things...u nab :)

'found' (stole) the property of another author and disseminated it in contravention of the terms of use and copyrightsteal a car and offer it to others to drive, does not make a 'nice guy', it makes a thief
unable to understand terms of use, makes an igonorant thief, but still a thiefMany posters on this board are authors of commercial scripts, should they be pleased at some moron deciding to release their work to the public against their wishes, thats what COPYRIGHT NOTICES are.
Should Csgal, & mods & those who put in time effort, endure any fiscal consequences of some moron's actions on the board

on a scale of 0-10
ya still personify zero

U really funny xD
u downloaded the files?
try to download (if u know how) and open the .txt file (also if u know how)
and u will find what??? WALLAAA u will find the rights :)>>
* Scroll To Top Control script- © Dynamic Drive DHTML code library (
* This notice MUST stay intact for legal use
* Visit Project Page at for full source code

u are nothing :)

and check the first 3 lines in the script too :)>>

//** jQuery Scroll to Top Control script- (c) Dynamic Drive DHTML code library:
//** Available/ usage terms at (March 30th, 09')
//** v1.1 (April 7th, 09'):

i didnt even change the photo with better one to save the copyrights :)

u are nothing :)

Dynamic Drive DHTML scripts- Terms of Use
Unless indicated otherwise by the credit, all scripts on this site are original scripts written by the authors of Dynamic Drive, and are protected by both US and international copyright laws. The below lists the terms of use users of Dynamic Drive must agree to before using the programs/scripts (Last updated: May 22nd, 06):

1.Users may use any DHTML scripts offered for download on Dynamic Drive, free of charge, on both personal and commercial web sites. This includes web designers who wish to use our DHTML scripts in their paid web site projects.
2.You may modify our scripts to customize them based on your needs.
3.Users may NOT, however, redistribute or repost/ resell for download any DHTML script found on Dynamic Drive. Redistribution is defined as re-offering our scripts for download in any fashion, whether on a competing web site, an application that generates code snippets, or a CD-ROM collection of CSS/JavaScript codes etc. Some examples of what is acceptable and what is not are:

BOLD RED HIghlighting of the relevant line of the Terms Of Use added so even ignoramuses can't miss it

ergo, Thief

I already knew the terms of use,


bla bla bla....why u hate me ^^..coz u say only lies??

you are nothing :)

anyway keep talking alone...i wont waste my time with some one like u bye bye, rubbish

you are nothing :)

next time, if you found an interesting topic and you only just copy paste it. Put the author at the end of your message to avoid this thing.

ok "catemissy" will do that next time and if he downloaded and opened the files he will c the copy rights :)...its all about "almostbob" hates me xD

Removed copy protected files
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