Hi all,
I am a java programmer and this is the first time I movw to asp .net. However, there is some points i couldnt find out and hopefully i can have some help from you guys.
I have form with is very long so i need to devided it to 6 pages and i want to keep all the values of previous page in cache, until the last page submitted, i will retrieve all the values and submit the form. How to achieve that? I tried Session but it didnt work, I saved one variable in the first page into Session and retrieve it in the second page but it has no value. Somehitng like this:
FIrst page: Sesssion["name"] = "lam"; Second page: string name=(string)Session["name"]; but the variable 'name' has no values.

One other thing is that I wonder if in asp .net we have the option put the whole object to a form. FOr example:

In ex.aspx.cs

class People{
    string firstname;
    string lastname;
//getter and settter

In ex.aspx:

<form action="">
<textfield id"people.firstname" runat"server" />
<textfield id"people.lastname" runat"server" />

Any help please.

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First this is wrong

[B]Sesssion[/B]["name"] = "lam";

infact in ASP.NET you would have gotten an Error. If want to create a Session from page1 and Access it in Page2 you have to do this


Session["MySessionName"] = "Hello World";

and on Page2 you can access the Session that you have created like this

if(Session["MySessionName"] != null)
        String ValueFromPage1 = Convert.ToString(Session["MySessionName"]);

That is how Sessions work in ASP.NET


And if you want to read session value try this.
string something = Session["your_session"].ToString();


I think this is exactly what i have done, it works within one page but for one page to the other page it doesnt. Anyway I found the solution for this issue by using PageView or Wizard form.
But still the second problem is remaining. In java we have a very good tool to map object attributes and fields in a form. And also for database communication, retrieving data directly to objects using Hibernate/JPA, in asp .net it seems that it can just doing things with raw data just like using JDBC in java.
Sorry to distract you but I am quite new here and I wish to have some advices about optimal way to develop web application.


But normally when you create a session in one page you can use it all pages in your application. That's why we use sessions.
Maybe you add something in web.config. Like: (in system.web)

<sessionState timeout="1250" />

It's session timeout.

Or I remember something. Is your project in web hosting or localhost? Because some hosting don't allow sessions so you can't access this sessions.

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