Hi, i have the requirement of converting a php-mysql app into a standalone app. The main purpose is to hide the source code from the client, and to run the app in his system without a web browser.

I wonder if there is any tool for this, so that i can convert the existing php-mysql app into a desktop app.

I know there is PHP GTK, but using it, i have to build my app from scratch. I also heard about the tools Roadsend and Bambalam, and also PHPDock. But iam not sure about them.

FYI, iam using php5, mysql, javascript, css in my project.

Please can anyone suggest me about converting a php app into a standalone app. Any suggestion is appreciated. :)

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Hey, i got to know that there is a tool for developing standalone php apps.
Iam having some hopes on this: www.server2go-web.de/

I had a further look at server2go and it is really just a version of Wamp that can be put anywhere. I doesn't look as if it does anything to obscure your PHP code and it does work through a browser just like Wamp.

mini PHP studio produces a standalone exe (for Windows). It doesn't use the browser. I tried to get some of the others like Roadsend to work but I wasn't successful.

This is not an answer to your project but I don't understand why you think that PHP doesn't hide the code because all it does is hide code. PHP never sends PHP code to the browser. All it does is send stateless HTML (or XML or PDF or text) to a browser. Secondly, what is wrong with GTK? If it compiles to an exe with C underneath shouldn't that satisfy your requirements?

what is the procedures to built a Desktop application in php

There is a way to do it with adobe air. But you will have to keep the DB and php scripts on your server and call the data you need to print out via javascript/jquery. The best way to do this is build and API script into your web app and call it using that. Adobe Air only can process javascript and html, no server side.

I too have searched for something like this. But have not had the time to build a API for my app.

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