Alrite, So i have a an entry page with a form on it, that simply enters the data into the specified database. I have a player stats entry page, and there are five lines for players. However, if not all 5 players play, I want it to check if that field is empty, and if it is, i don't want it to enter it into the database. Because when i enter a game, and i leave a player field blank, all it does is enter in all 0's for that player.

Hi BTW8892,

Please post the code you have now so we can see what needs to be changed to help you.


Sorry about that, I completely forgot to post these two links above. Here you go.

Basically i want it to check if a player_stats field is empty, and if it is empty, it won't post it in the database.

Entry Form:
Insert Code:

Just check with

if empty($_POST['player_stats'])
   echo "Not able to update in database";
  //statements to update in database