Hello everyone,

I am wondering if someone already get remote reporting from Tradedoubler by using the reportkey.
I tried with cURL to get the report, but i received only the login page. So i don't know if this means that the key isn't ok or if i need to simulate a login and sue the JSESSIONID to get the report. I tried this also but i couldn't find a way to get connected.
So if anyone has a clue, please let me know.


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Hello everyone,

I finally found how to use Tradedoubler API to get some affiliate informations. First of all you need to get an API Key from Tradedoubler.
Then you need to make a request by using the following url: http://www.tradedoubler.com/pan/aReport3Key.action? and then add differents parameters.

Here the differents parameters: 'reportName', 'columns', 'startDate', 'endDate', 'affiliateId', 'format', 'key'
If you don't know which values, log in to your Tradedoubler administration panel and open the wanted report. Then display the code source and find an url with "AddYourApiKey" or something similar. Copy this url in your script and then change the "key" with yours.
That's it!

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