I am making an enrollment system. My database table for the enrollment has 30 columns. I wonder which datapresentation suits this kind of multiple columns. Do you think gridview is suited for this? If I would have an edit function then do you think it's kinda long?

I also made a form that is a duplicate of the original registration form, wherein the textboxes has been changed to labels for databinding and printing.

It all depends on how each element of the table needs to be seen by the end-user and what abilities they need to have related to managing that information.

If the end user just needs to be able to SEE the information (at a given point) then you can get away with just about any presentation method (from repeaters to tables and so on). If the end user needs to be able to modify information dynamically then you will be limited by presentation methods that allow for this (or have the ability to be programatically enhanced to provide dynamic update).

My personal 'rule of thumb' is... What ever looks best from the list of things that work :twisted: ie: find out what works for what your end user needs THEN worry about how it'll look.

Hope that helps :) Please remember to mark solved once your issue is resolved.

Could you give some tips about when to use the datapresentations? I only know few.

It's really all subjective based on the types of information being presented and what needs to be done with them. Basically just use your best judgement and you should be fine.

How could I judge with a good date presentation if this will be my first time to use such in web development. I just need an overview.

Honestly, I don't know what to do.

I'm choosing between formview or gridview. My problem is, I will fill it using dataset. And I heard that editing/deleting a formview/gridview record is complicated if it is populated using a dataset. Please help me with this. I really have no idea.