Hi All,

I have this URL on my website that is causing a problem

There is a forward slash "/" in this. Everything after this forward slash "/" is treated as a new file and "1347_How_to_list_files_with_*_after_executables,_" is treated as a new directory.

If you go to this link, this is just a question on the page
How to list files with * after executables, / after directories and @ after each symbolic link

I have rewritten this url so that the URL is search engine friendly.

Also when I go and check the analytics, I see that teh GoogleBot was continuously looping on this url trying to find files under the directory 1347_How_to_list_files_with_*_after_executables,_.

Did not know this will become my own nemesis. I tried the URL encode also but it starts giving me 403 error.

Can somebody suggest a solution. I would appreciate any help.

Thanks in Advance

remove the dot underscore, and read the acceptible charset notes

remove the dot underscore, and read the acceptible charset notes

remove dot underscore...its is not in the url...

use this html special chars / or use rawurlencode() function

Thank you all for your valuable inputs.

The issue got resolved. , + / @ won't be allowed in urls. If we do a urlencode on these, then in mozilla when we visit the URL, the characters are decoded by default and if I have a '/' it gives me 404 error. What I did was urlencode(urlencode($string)). This way I did a double encoding and the browser only does a single decoding. However this is just a workaround not a solution.