Basically I have a database and a form set up that enters information into the mysql database using php code. This works perfectly. The problem I'm having is writing a php sequence to send an email that confirms the user wanted to post the information. I would also like the data to not be posted on my site ( I have a separate php code that gets the data from the database on another page) until they have confirmed, using the email, that they in fact wanted to post.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just started web development and I'm self taught. Masters of accounting didn't go into web development too much.....

For mailing, there are open source classes that can do all the work for you.
Most people seem to like phpMailer
I generally use another one called Libmail

Normally, for this type of confirmation you generate a unique parm for the message. You need to save the post in your database pending the confirmation. You could save it in a pending table but it would probably be simpler to save it in the same table that you use for the ones that are posted, with a status showing that it is pending. The unique code would also be stored in the table and used as a key when the user does the confirmation. If your other site is picking up the postings from the database, then as soon as you change the status on a pending (confirmed) item, it should be added to the ones that are displayed.

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