$sql_table_get=mysql_query("select orderline.quantity, menu.item_name, menu.price
			    from orderline, menu, orders 
			    where orderline.item_id = menu.item_id
			    and orders.order_id = orderline.order_id
			    and orders.table_num =table".'"$count"'."   // problem line
			    and orders.order_status = 0; ");

tried many combo and couldn't make it work yet.

basically i just need to know how to combine a $variable and a string inside the "mysql_query"


I may be missing something but where is $count assigned a value?

thanks, the $count got assiged somewhere i didn't put up the whole code.

anyway, i solved it by making a new variable

$tableName= "Table".$count

and parse just $tableName instead of messing around with concat inside the mysql_query code.