hi, i need do one scipt that employer can accept and reject requests for product, then print the information about the follwing product.The customers fills out a form after the custumers sends the request. please somebody help me!!!

On the surface it sounds easy, but you need to further elaborate on your problem. How is the product described? Does it integrate with a database with perhaps 30 fields that describe the product or is it just one field to do this?

So what you are saying is that there is a page with contact form elements that a potential customer goes to, he or she arbitrarily just enters into what he would like from the supplier (one data input field providing a name of a product and perhaps a UPC). It gets sent to the (company) website owner. He then opens the email, clicks a link, sees the contents of the message on the server, hits a file print button, and then replies with a response to the customer?