OK, a friend of a friend asked me to look into building a online cane builder. The cane can have a variety of different cuts, grooves, handles etc. In all, I thought it best to create a 2wide 4high grid containing a basic cane, and depending what they clicked on, I could swap the images over.

Simple. I can use iframes or use javascrip and frames, or just plain java script.

Now, the issue is that what he forgot to tell me was that he wants the end results parsed ont a form so that customers can order their very own custom defined cane!

So, is it possible to use php to perform image swapping?
Or would it be better to some how get javascript to fill in the form?
any ideas ?

I wouldn't use frames at all if possible.

You can use PHP or Javascript to do this.

+you don't have to reload the page
+probably faster
-must upload all pics at once (i think..)
-possible browser support issues(not likely tho)

+better browser support (browser sees nothing but html)
+easier to code (IMO-no DOM issues)
-must reload page to modify design

If you decide to use PHP I will be glad to sketch out what you need to do, but I don't know much Javascript. My opinion tho is the user would have a better experience if Javascript is used.

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oh, almost forgot... yep danceInstructor is right on track with this. I would add that if you choose the javascript option on the actual form then you'll need to auto fill the appropriate fields to match the items (as you've made mention). However, it may be best to have all the product browsing BEFORE the form... that way the form is more like a check-out transaction. Just an idea. good luck

Well, I've got one up and running using Iframes, and haven't ha\d any problems so far in IE6, NN6 or MFF1, so it seems ok..... only I now have to load up 2 images per link, (front and side view!).
As for the form, I thought it would be easier for it to be filled in as the links where clicked......that way nothing has to be parsed, checked etc.... they just choose the cane, then click proceed, and all the details are their waiting... (may even add a second image set so that the cane is built from the form options, so they can make sure it is all ok!