Hello guys . I have installed php on my laptop but i dont know what i can do next . So please tell me how to complete my PHP insulation

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You press the button six along the top and three down. When the screen says, "Shall I delete all your files", choose 'No'.

If you want good insulation, try fibreglass - has saved me hundreds over the years, although it cost hundreds to begin with. I'll break even in another 3 years, taking inflation and depreciation into account.

Hi, if you have installed wamp, xampp or lamp then success you have done the first step. After that you may place your php files in the htdocs folder where you can view them at http://localhost/myphpfile.php
Next time RTFM please as google is your friend. I'm sure all of your answers will be in the installation guide for xampp.

If you installed php seperately, then remove it. Try XMAPP free open source which contains PHP, Apache and MYSQL in one package. Just you need to download and install XAMPP. After installed open your browser and just type http://localhost to know whether the server is working or not. There is a control panel comes within XAMPP (look at your system tray). Open and check it apache and mysql to install if your localhost not worked. Its very simple to use and configure.


This is my suggestion.