I have one client applicaiton writtn html, java script and AJAX and a remote server where I have a php script. Browser and remote server are deployed on two different machines. I want to execute php script uing ajax call with below code but it is loading php page into browser instead running php on remote server. I appreciate if anybody can provide some pointers on the same ?


Hi Sridhar, can you post your code so we can take a look at it?

In general, if you use the AJAX XMLHttpRequest object (or a library that encapsulates the AJAX functionality), you should be fine. The object should make the call and return the results in a function, instead of loading the page in the browser. If you post your code, I can take a look at it and give some tips.


Hi Jeff and steve,
Thanks for your response. I solved my problem with simple ajax query. There was some problem in php configuration on server side, which was causing the problem.

jQuery does not suit my requirement as I am working on specific browser. Thanks for the link, I will refer some time.