"i want used confirm in javascript in code behind"

i am used confirm button ,in code behind.

if the confirm button worked

the function is return the true...


the function return the false..

i want to get true and false value for my further proces..

this my code..

Dim popupScript6 As String = "<script language='javascript'>var agree= confirm('Are you sure to cancel the ticket?');if(agree){ return true};else {return false;}</script>"
        'Page.RegisterStartupScript("PopupScript6", popupScript6)

in my codebehind window i want to get "agree" value....

in this popupScript6 used confirm coding is worked...but i wrote return word..this is nothing done..

i ma used return word is not worked..

please how can use this statement..

how can i get return value..

because i got the return value..

then my next code if(true) the redirect to another page...

so please hrlp me...

i am used this code also code..

but the same process done this also return word is used in not working..

this code..

Dim str As StringBuilder = New StringBuilder
        str.Append("<script language='javascript'>")

    str.Append("var agree= confirm('Are you sure to cancel the ticket?');")

  str.Append("return true;}")
        str.Append("else {")

        str.Append("return false;}")
       RegisterStartupScript("TicketNumber", str.ToString)

so please help me...

Put your JS-code into some function like
function MyFunction()
... your code

And call this function by onClick event of your button (onClick="if(MyFunction()) { window.location.href='where.you.want.to.redirect'; }")

Hi dear....

This is my 1st Post...

RegisterStartupScript("Alert", "<script language=""javascript"">Confirm('Are you sure ');</script>")

this is the Best way to call javascript inside the Code....this should b written in Code behind file mean in .apsx.vb file....

I hope that you get Help from the Post...



i am using update pannel ,how to use this function at code behind