.I'm trying to upload an ASP.NET project with SQL Server database connection on a LINUX server. is this even possible? because some of my friends told me that i can use a certain application to be able to build ASP.NET on a LINUX base server.

.can anyone please direct me to the right path where I should be heading to be able to finish this project.

.Thanks in advance!
.God bless!

I am doing something similar. I got the SQL part done so I can Help you with that.

You want a LAMP server. What Distro is your linux server.

Also please note that you will have to use MySql or PostgreSql, MS SQL to my knowledge doesn't work on Linux.

LAMP is for MySql I was using the SqlCommand and SqlDataReader so all I had to do in my code was change them to MySqlCommand and MySqlDataReader or MySqlDataAdapter and so on.

First thing first I need you to tell me which distro you are using.