There is a school locator script at
When we input any address it returns schools located in that locality.

For example:

Use these details and submit the form

Street Number : 3902
Street Name : Bobolink
Street Type : Lane
City : Orlando

It returns a row having three schools Elementary,Middle and High school
On clicking the more button it takes to the respective school details
So for each school I need the respective school names

Audobon Elementary
Glenridge Middle
Winter Park High

Please suggest some ways to achieve this functionality


the school board own the database of their schools and have designed it with a geocaching system, google maps has similar functionality

I don't believe that there is a facility that you can just download and use that can do auto form filling and screen-scraping to return the results to you.

The more straightforward way to do this would be to copy the list of schools from their website into a spreadsheet then upload it into a database table. The list has a zip code and there are facilities such as the one from Googlethat can give you the geolocation based on postal code. You can create your own entry form and you could ask for their postal code and then do a geolocation for their address. You can then match up the two based on proximity. If the assignment to a school is in any way arbitrary or based on geography rather than distance as the crow flies, then your results wouldn't be consistently accurate. You'd then need to put additional info the table. This might seem like a lot of work but I'm not sure that there is a shortcut.

I tried an experiment by copying their page, making a few changes for absolute url's instead of relative and submitting the form. It worked and displayed the required info. If you really want to go down that path, there are ways to auto-submit a form using javascript and there are facilities that you can use to screen-scrape a web page (e.g.class-http by Troy Wolfe and various others). This will require some research and experimenting on your part.