I am sure that this is a silly question for most of you, but I have googled and searched, and I cant find what I am looking for.

I have altered an opensource website script. A script that you install on a server and bam... you have a website. like...joomla, or wordpress and the like. But now that I have a finished product I have no idea how I can package it up again for redistribution.

I have altered so much of the core program I cant just release it as a addon, or mod... So I need it to install to a server, with the mysql. Basically copy it exactly the way I have it on my live server now.

Is there a program that will automate this? Am I waaaaay out of my depth?

Can anyone help me here? Or point me in the right direction?

Hi musicofthehart,

it all depends on how the original script was set up to install the site, and what alterations you have made.

You will need a script to create the database. If the original script had something like this, you could modify it so it creates the tables and fields you need. If you don't already have the code for this, it is fairly simple . . .

You can copy all the relevant php files if they don't need to be modified for the new site. If they need modification, you will need to write a script that will ask the user for all the settings you need (a simple form). You then need to be able to update the relevant php files with these settings . . .

It is quite difficult to give specific details without and example code or site to see.

Hope this helps.