I wish to create my own blog website but the problem is i still am confused about how it is done.
I would like to use ASP.NET and C#.net to create the website and HTML & CSS to design the website.
The main issue is can i store the blog details (posts) in XML file? or should i use some tool which can create interface between my webpage and the blog server like blogger & wordpress?
It would be very helpful if someone could just explain how this blogging works and how can one create his own blog website without using those templates available online?


While I'm sure it's possible to store blog posts and user details and what have you in an XML file... I wouldn't advise it. The more posts and replies and such that you end up with the larger the file will get and eventually it would reach a point where it would overwhelm system resources on your web host.

What you'd be looking for would be a database driven solution. Many hosting providers will give you a MySQL database for free (some even include an MSSQL database for free) which you can set up to contain all of your posts/replies/users/etc.

Calling information from a relational database is much less resource intensive than trying to locate information from an ever expanding flat file (like an XML file) and if you're using C#/ASP.Net for your code-behind the database connection and information management is very easily accomplished if you've had any training/education in how to code for those.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to use a 3rd party blog service to drive your site then you will need to check with those services as to the methods they require/recommend for connecting to and manipulating the data to/from their service (you had mentioned blogger/wordpress).

Hope this helps :twisted: Please remember to mark your thread solved once the issue is resolved.