I wish to create my own blog website but the problem is i still am confused about how it is done.
I would like to use ASP.NET and C#.net to create the website and HTML & CSS to design the website.
The main issue is can i store the blog details (posts) in XML file? or should i use some tool which can create interface between my webpage and the blog server like blogger & wordpress?
It would be very helpful if someone could just explain how this blogging works and how can one create his own blog website without using those templates available online?

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While I'm sure it's possible to store blog posts and user details and what have you in an XML file... I wouldn't advise it. The more posts and replies and such that you end up with the larger the file will get and eventually it would reach a point where it would overwhelm system resources on your web host.

What you'd be looking for would be a database driven solution. Many hosting providers will give you a MySQL database for free (some even include an MSSQL database for free) which you can set up to contain all of your posts/replies/users/etc.

Calling information from a relational database is much less resource intensive than trying to locate information from an ever expanding flat file (like an XML file) and if you're using C#/ASP.Net for your code-behind the database connection and information management is very easily accomplished if you've had any training/education in how to code for those.

If, on the other hand, you are looking to use a 3rd party blog service to drive your site then you will need to check with those services as to the methods they require/recommend for connecting to and manipulating the data to/from their service (you had mentioned blogger/wordpress).

Hope this helps :twisted: Please remember to mark your thread solved once the issue is resolved.

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