Hi everyone,
I have a problem that I can't get my head around, I dont know much about php. I do know some bits and bobs through experience with it and learning from mistakes. I have elgg installed on my website, a CMS neyworking engine. Some of the guys on the elgg comunity site have wrote some plugins for the elgg core. I found a plugin that allows admin to create content forms with options to upload images. The content is then available for everyone to see on the site, alternativley there is an option to send the form via email to a specified email address. The problem is, when the form is sent to an email address you can't send images. The developer said that this was because of the way the plugin was written and that with a bit of further developement it would be able to allow for images to be sent. The developer also said that another plugin on the elgg comunity would allow the "forms" plugin to send images via email. The developer of "forms" didnt have any time to code it further.
Can anyone help? or even be willing to do it? I don't mind donating or paying for the privilege :)

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It should be straightforward, but it does depend on how the plugin interacts with the core code. Also, does the plugin use the php mail() function or some pear/pecl package.

All this info is out there already, a php coder with a little experience could knock one up in a few minutes. Here's one possible source:


BTW: I try not to write solutions as this is a help forum.

Thanks :) I had a look at the code, I have an idea of where this script should be. Your right in what you say about the core interaction with the plugin, I will edit the script I think needs editing and test on wamp. If I come accrossany problems I'll post them up :)