i am installing php-joomla with apache on my system.
m continuously getting the problem with mysql connectivity.
The prob is:
"Unable to connect to the database:The MySQL adapter "mysql" is not available."
I have installed all the things & have also included dll extension of mysql.
Please suggest a solution..

Are you sure you installed PHP correctly? It would be hard to find a distribution of PHP that does not have MySQL enabled by default.

Try creating a PHP file with a simple call to mysql_connect() in it. See if you get the same problem.

How did you install PHP and MySQL? I'm assuming you're on windows since you mention dll's?

did you already have installed the ODBC connector? you can download it here http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc/5.1.html

as for your joomla, though I'm also wanting to learn how to use it, some says that after you install the joomla package, just put it in htdocs of your xampp folder (well if you're using xampp) then boom! you're good to go