theres nothgin wrong with my ajax, it works and is sending other variables but whe i want to send "pood" from

function farmers(pood, happy)

i twill not work. now when i call the function it goes like this

onclick="farmers('pisslet', 'popcocky')"

now it will not send PISSLET, what do i do?
its making me angry this is the querystring the other variables are sending to my ajaz page and i echo them out, but thie pood variable will not work . i even tried redefining it with

var gummy = pood;

it comes up blank on the ajax page when echos please help. not to mention i alert(pood) and it says htmltablet something.

var queryString = "?workingvariable=" + blabbr + "&notworkingvariable =" + pood;

how did you called ajax on that page? can i see full script?

i fixed this one. it was because i had a space between the = and the word. rediculous i know a simple space. my new question is open. i have a full script there, whole dif problem tho.