| |__includes.php

the line in the index.php says require_once ('application/includes.php');
and that includes.php file will have similar require_once which has reference to files under the subfolders of application.
i'm using ubuntu lamp stack. i got this open source project which was first developed in windows environment using the phped.
when i run the application in ubuntu it does not seem to find the path of the application.
i tried require_once(../aplication) and require_once(/home/user/pathname/); seems to work. then i have to modify every other files in the project. but is there a easier way to make the project work as it is? the project also uses the smarty framework.

links to the actual project:
http://code.google.com/p/vellorethiruma ... /index.php
http://code.google.com/p/vellorethiruma ... ig.inc.php

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like this?

    define ('VT_SERVER_URL','http://localhost');
    define ('VT_APP_FOL','/');
    define ('VT_PROJ_DIR', VT_SERVER_DOC_ROOT . VT_APP_FOL . '../');
    define ('VT_APP_DIR', VT_PROJ_DIR. 'application/');
    define ('VT_CONFIG_DIR', VT_APP_DIR.'configs/');
    define ('VT_TMPL_DIR', VT_PROJ_DIR . 'temp/templ/');
    define ('VT_LIB_DIR', VT_PROJ_DIR . 'library/');
    define ('VT_PHP_UNIT_DIR', VT_LIB_DIR . 'common/PHPUnit-3.4.0/PHPUnit/');
    define ('VT_SMARTY_DIR', VT_LIB_DIR . 'common/Smarty-2.6.26/libs/');
    define ('VT_START_PROFILE_ID', 10000);

but this is used elsewhere. for configuring the smarty framework. these where not associated with any other php files in the public folder for that reason.


anybody there? this thread has just been moved from else where to this location by the mods. new revamped site gave me a run to find where exactly this is located :).

with regards to the post.. is there any thing to do with the url rewrites? No, i don't know anything about url rewrites. i've heard of such. if there should be any coincidence with the rewrite and this post kindly enlighten me. i would pursue in that direction.

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