I'm completely new to scripting and may as well be looking into a tin of beans.

I'm working is CS4.

I can create a contact form and set up the spry values and hidden fields etc.

My host supports PHP but doesn't offer a mail script to I have to upload my own.

I've tried Tectite, Bell and Form to Form but I can't get any of them to work.

So the questions are:

How easy is it to create my own PHP script? (or is there a simple free script I can nab?)

Can I create it in word and copy it into DW and save as a .PHP file?

This is a simple two field contact form (e-mail & message) with a submit and reset button.

Any help for a complete novice would be great.

If you are new to PHP better you use downloaded script.
Here is a php script with demo and download.

1.try to use <form action='post.php' onsubmit='java_verify_form()' to first verify by java functionandthen posttophp
<script>function java_verify_form(){
return false;
alert("yor email......");


if your hostingnot allow you to use mail function try todownload smtp class from php classessites.

check values in php by if(isset($_POST)){

use editor php_expert editor or notepad++ (select language php in menu)
do not copy paste from word
also dreamveawer support php java html css tags