I want to put a form on my website which will work on any browser and preferably doesn't make the user have to see the e-mail and have to click send.

If this isn't possible I would just like a form for my website which will work in internet explorer and will either e-mail the info to me or enter it straight into a javascript file on my site.

Hope you can help.
:lol: Martin :lol:

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Form processing and email generation are server-side tasks. You'll need to ask this question in the forum for whichever server-side language you use (PHP, ASP, ASP.NET...).


I'm completely new to any programming languages except for javascript (I know a bit about) and HTML (I know much more about).
How do I insert them into a web page?

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Insert them? "them" what?

A server-side language isn't inserted onto a web page. It outputs the web page. Seriously, if you're going to be a web developer, you'll need to learn the server side of things. Start at www.php.net, is my advice.


Sorry - I meant how do I insert one of the programming cades into HTML (or can't I)?



I'm not familiar with the term "cades".

A server-side language works in conjunction with the Web Server software itself (such as IIS or Apache), to generate web pages.

When the user makes a request to a page like "mypage.php", the Web Server runs the program contained in the php file. The php file can perform a variety of tasks, such as looking up information from a database, performing calculations, etc.

Then, it outputs a Reponse. That Response contains all the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that the client is supposed to see. The Web Server sends that to the browser.

In your case, you could have a static standard Web Page, with a form, which submits to a php program. One of the things a server-side program can do is process the form results, and generate and send emails.

If none of this answers your question, then you need to ask better questions! :)


Sorry, Sorry, Sorry.
I mis-typed it - I meant CODES.

How do I get the form to be prosessed and e-mailed by .php?
(Should I be in a different forum?)

:o Sorry for all the confusion :o


Yes, you should be in the PHP forum.

The basics: set the form action tag to point to a PHP program.

When the user submits, the PHP program runs.

The PHP program calls its built-in email function.

Start by visiting www.php.net.

Then for more details, post in the PHP forum here on Daniweb.

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