Hello! I have been searching for a good solution all morning but can't seem to get one!

I'm trying to create a form that sends to a different set of email addresses based on what is selected in a drop down menu. While I can make this happen, I need to insert the text from that drop down into a title - not the value.

I don't want to create two identical drop down menus - does anyone know how I can pull the text from a drop down menu that has a value in PHP? Thanks!!

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Why don't you set the value to the email address? SHow your code and where it's all going pear-shaped.

Well if you want to get the text of dropdown not the value, you can use this:

var text = $("#dropdown").text();

Note: Include Jquery script to use this code!

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The js will fail is js not enabled. You still have to 'send' the js value, e.g. apply it to a hidden form field. Safer to use plain html and apply the proper value.

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