Pls tell me anybody how can i send msg from page(.aspx) to my gmail id on button click

Is it just me, or does nobody do any research prior to coming here and posting questions?

I mean, even without going to external sources (,, etc.) I'm able to pull together the following list of posts within DaniWeb alone that are related to sending mail from an ASP.Net app and perhaps have information that would solve the issue without having to create a new post that is not only poorly titled but lacking in any displayed effort whatsoever.

Additionally, if I actually GO to I enter a simple search and receive numerous pages of information on how to do exactly what you're asking for.

Now don't get me wrong... I don't mean to sound like an ogre or anything... but seriously... you couldn't find any of these resources? Or was my initial assessment correct that you didn't even try to find the information before posting here and hoping someone would provide you with some code you could copy/paste directly into your project without doing any work?

And hey, if the above information isn't what you were looking for... perhaps providing a detailed question with a descriptive subject showing the steps you've tried and the issue you're facing might get you more specific help to the actual problem you're encountering :twisted:

Hope this helps :)

commented: Links!!!! +10