i m developing website using asp.net with microsoft access 2003
i have product details along with the images now i want to add this images into database but how i add this pictures what code is use if there are 100 products with 100 images i want to show 10 records per page i need also code of that

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ans2007kumar suggested nice... You just create a folder and put the pics in there and store the relative pic name and path in your database. It's much faster and easier way


i am developing website which on asp.net n backend is microsoft access

now i have the grid into it with show 3 colums my questions are

if i want to add2 more colums which i want to 5 how do i do
now i want to add records into grid rows and colums rember rows are unlimited i m programmer of vb6 i used to have recordset to map the field how do i add records what technique i used plz write code also n what is datareader etc

so please provide code that grid is on th epage i have to show records into grid where rows are unlimited

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