I recently read a post by someone stating that you could not encrypt POST or GET sessions while sending data between pages.

I wanted to know if there was a way.

could one not simply write a script that would encrypt the message before sending along with a key that on the following page was decrypted using the required key?

or something to that effect.

Just wondering what everyones opinions are one this subject and what the standard is for sending data accross pages to ensure security.

i personally was thinking along the lines of writing a bit of javascript to encrypt messages using a custom written encryption algorythim along with a generated key that is generated based on how the string was encrypted, and the recieving page would be a PHP script that would grab the key and based off of what the key said would decrypt the strings and what was needed with them.

anyone else got any ideas?? that are maybe simpler?

What precisely do you mean by "data between pages"? POST and GET describe communication between a web page (client) and a web server application. Of course POST and GET can be encrypted. That's what certificates and the HTTPS protocol are all about.

just in response to a comment that was made about someone stating that you could not encrypt post and get.

and by data i was referring to the information being passed by the post and get methods.

You most definitely CAN encrypt that data. Do a web search for "HTTPS Protocol".