I'm coding my own blog which is almost completing. I'm facing a problem on one thing. How can I insert comma separated tags in mysql table? I want to insert every comma separated tag as the new entry in the table.

I would be thankful if anyone will help me out with it.

use explode() for it. count the size of that array . then looping for insert each tag separate

// Example 1
$pizza  = "piece1,piece2,piece3,piece4,piece5,piece6";
$pieces = explode(",",$pizza);
echo $pieces[$i]; // piece1

//write insert query here.

yes explode is the only way for this.
but as a note for your blog make sure you prevent all hacking attempts.
My bloggs get several failed hacking attempts daily.
convert "&" to "&am p;" "<" to "&l t;" and ">" to "&gt ;" in that order to start with. because you don't want people entering bad iframes or images ect. theres a read-me here on some basic stuff for this

Thanks for all the replies.. The explode has solved my problem.
Thanks once again

No worries.
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