Hi all,

The following link http://www.codeproject.com/KB/webforms/disableListItems.aspx disables items 1 and 2 from the checkboxlist if the user selects checkbox item 3.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how i could change the code in this link to work for ListBox.

So if I had 5 items in the lisr box (below)






It will disable items CC and DD. But this will be disabled when the form loads...

please help me? please...

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IE does not support 'disabled' option in ListBox and Comboboxes.
The ListBox is actually rendered as <SELECT> html element and the ListItem is rendered as <option> element at run time in browsers.

From this thread, the following statements can be used to disable an item in ListBox

ListItem item1 = ListBox1.Items.FindByValue("CC");
    item1.Attributes.Add("disabled", "");

or you can do it like

ListBox1.Items.FindByValue("DD").Attributes.Add("disabled", "disabled");

Please note that above code will work only in FireFox and will not work in IE.

You need to find alternate way to do this.

You can see a third part components in this link: http://demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/listbox/examples/clientside/addremovedisable/defaultcs.aspx

But this component renders the list as <LI> elements which gives you a ListBox effect.

Also have a look at these links.


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