Hi there,

I've been working over the past few weeks on these pages...

- http://www.rjt-online.com/photos.php
- http://www.rjt-online.com/video.php

The issue I'm facing is with the Video page.

As you can see, the iFrame that hold the videos themselves is working fine in IE, but when you look at it on other browsers, the resize function isn't working, and it's setting the height to the min-height instead. Any ideas why this would be.

I've tried using the exact same code that works so well on the photos page, but that didn't work on the video page for some reason.

Hope you can help,


Can anyone help at all with this? I'm stuck!

Sorry hindu times, Didn't get the question. When visited with Chrome, everything looked just fine.


Hi vhss,

Yeah, I forgot to mark this as solved. I figured it out a few days ago. It is actually a CSS problem rather than Javascript.