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I am back with CSS 3.0 background options … I hope you’ll love this one….

All the details you can find here http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/cms/cnts/knowledge.detail.view.do?platformId=12&cntsId=7400

Some of the details covered the above article:

Background (multiple)

The css3 gives the possibility to apply more background images to a single element and not just the single one as specified in the css2 property background.

Background clip

The background-clip property is used to determine whether the background extends into the border or not. The default is border-box, which means it DOES extend into it, but if you set it to padding-box, it doesn’t. if you use content-box the background only extends to the content area.

Background origin

The background-origin CSS property determines the background positioning area (the origin of a background-image). background-origin does not apply when background-attachment is fixed.

Background size

The background-size property specifies the size of the background images. The ‘contain’ values scales the image, while preserving its aspect ratio (if any), which may leave uncovered space. The ‘cover’ scales the image so that it covers the whole area, completely covering the element, but perhaps not showing part of the image if the element and the image did not have the same aspect ratio.

You can find full code and details from the above link. Know the new features in easy way.

Please share any other good links on CSS 3.0 ….

I like the look of CSS 3.0 but the only problem is that some browsers won't support for a while :(

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