Hai all
i am doing an ASP project....
when redirecting to anotherpage like
Response.Redirect("Page1.asp") i dont want to show the actual path of that web page in the address bar... but it shud be displayed in some encrypted format... also i dont want to use Server.Transfer...i want to be displayed in an encrypted format ...how can i do this ... anybody plz help... its urgent ... plz ..
THanx in advance

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I'm not entirely sure why you might wish to do this. Even if you encrypt the URL, it will still be usable by any user who e.g. bookmarks it.

Encrypted URLs are usually used to hide an attenpt to visit a URL which is blocked by a proxy, not to hide the address from humans.


Could you just put it all into a frameset? That way the users would see the single URL throughout their session.

I know they could still discover the URLs you're generating, but at least they'd have to do more than click on Add to Favourites.

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