Training management system:


I want to build a webpage in a plain HTML, JavaScript, CSS.
In this webpage, I want to build a TRAINING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.


1. A form which should take the trainee's unique id and process it. If the entered trainee ID matches with any of the IDs available in the database then the values pertaining to that Trainee ID should be displayed.

2. Maintain a DataBase of the Trainees' details. Either in Excel Sheet using Excel or in MySQL.

3. The values which should be displayed are:
a. Name of the Trainee:
b. Photo of the Trainee:
c. His/her Address:
d. Phone Number:
e. Courses he/she enrolled in:
Can anybody please help me in doing the above same. It's very urgent
Note that, I don't want to use PHP in this project.

How much php do you know ?
How much SQL do you know ?

You will need JSP as well, not only HTML. Search for tutorials at the top of the JSP forum

PHP I 'm learning. I know the basic commands of SQL in MySQL.

First start by plotting out you database design as a flow chart. Your tables and their relations. Then get you SQL connections setup in php.

I would love to help you build this. I suggest Two tables maybe three one for Trainee one for Courses and one for Users.

In your Trainee add columns for all info and in Courses all the Courses info. To make the connection you will need a relational table. this table will have TraineeID's and CoursesID's to make the connections. This is used for many to many connections.

I hope you understand Primary and Forign keys