plz anybody tell m what is th COLD FUSION? what is the basic thing of it? where i could be implemented?

Cold fusion is a server side language. That means that any coding done in coldfusion is executed and translated by the web server. When I page is requested and sent to the web server, if the web server finds that it has a .cfm or .cfc extension, its then sent to the coldfusion server and translated back to plain text and html. Cold fusion is similar to PHP and is at its basics, used for interaction with databases. ie queries. It can do much much more, but thats the basics. It's not free like PHP, but you can download a free developers version to develope your own CF templates or pages. Go to adobe and look for CF 9 Developer edition. Also on adobe's site, there are lots of tutorials and a great forum to learn. Another great site is lynda.com but its not free either. It has videos for almost any software you can imagine with regards to web design, graphics and others.

check out easycfm.com. There's a link on there for free coldfusion hosting.