hi guys i need some help,i have installed ruby 1.91+rails 3.0+radrails 0.7.2
bu twhen im using the radrails it cant start the server it keeps like: "starting the server" and it never works!

rails path: C:\Ruby192\bin\rails
rake path: C:\Ruby192\bin\rake

it says it cant load script/server


ruby 1.9.1 is incompatible with rails 3. Update to ruby 1.9.2 and you should be good to go. If you still have problems, try posting the exact error message here.

because there is no script/server in rails 3.0
use rails server instead

Actually there is no update going on there in the RadRails.Once you update the Rad Rails it will works very fine.

Update the version of RadRails.

Hi,thanks for sharing the information regarding to installation of ruby and very useful for me because i was not aware of it before.

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