Does anyone know of a good tutorial for installing Ruby with Php, Apache and MySQL.

I have tried InstantRails but i want to install it without using the instant option!


Try this one.. its an article to Install Ruby on Wamp..
it means that youre gonna get

Installing Ruby on WampServer

Or This one.. Its a guide to Install everything From Scratch
Install & Configure Apache, PHP, JSP, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PHPMyAdmin & WordPress on Windows XP/2000

hope it helps..


I've been quite happy with ubuntu's lamp package, with phusion passenger (on apache) for rails and ruby execution.

Actually, on second thought, I would just download vmware or virtualbox, download ubuntu (server edition if you want to do all the file editing remotely, or desktop if you don't).
You can look at this http://iain.codejoust.com/2009/06/running-the-lamp/ to install the lamp, then install http://www.modrails.com/.
To install ruby and rails, you can use http://www.hackido.com/2009/04/install-ruby-rails-on-ubuntu-904-jaunty.html.
I wasn't even able to start rails development until I switched to ubuntu linux.

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