I am currently working on a project to develop a webpage using jsp. I need to include some css properties in the jsp file. But it doesnt work even though I am not getting any errors.

My jsp code is


  String captcha = (String) session.getAttribute("captcha");
  String code = (String) request.getParameter("code");

  if (captcha != null && code != null) {

    if (captcha.equals(code)) {
	  out.print("<p class='alert'>Correct</p>");
          out.println("<form method=\"post\" action=\"http://localhost:12957/captcha/passing\">");
          out.println("<input type=\"submit\">");
    } else {
          out.print("<p class='alert'>Incorrect</p>");

I need the submit buttons and CORRECT OR INCORRECT texts to be displayed according to some alignments in my css file using div element. But unfotunately DIV property is not working. Could anyone help.

I have given the reference to css file

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" />

at the beginning of file.

Thanks in advance

Its working.. Tat was a small mistake in tag.. :)