Good Day!

Please help with my requirement, I'm more on a graphic designer and has little knowledge in programing, mostly on basic html only.

I have a web page I created in Flash and exported to an html page.

I need this to have a predefined username / password (pass can be changed) login info for the user to access it.
Also the page has to be protected from being copied, saved, print screen or any form of duplication.

I'm sure this has been done and posted here a lot of times, but I'm having trouble putting bits and pieces of these, especially using a language I'm not familiar with or don't even know how to make it run, e.g. php/asp

Please, any help will be highly appreciated.

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1) you cannot protect your design from being copied. This is the soul of open-source (which has mainly developed the internet).
a) There are a few stupid tricks out in the web that propose to write something like "<!--End of page--!>" quite at the beginning of your page to confuse the regarder. But I can't imagine that this still works today.
b) you can "protect" images by embedding them in a table structure (with background-image) and then put a transparent gif over it. But again a silly idea and makes much more fuss to you than then to the one who wants to copy it.
c) when having JS you can put the code to external files and include it. If you want to be really mean then you let it parse via PHP. Place a variable inthe include path that is created when executing the main script. The browser then tryies to access the file with that code. Send it and then delete the var so that the use cannot get it the second tme he/she wants to get it.

echo "<script type="text/javascript" src=\"/youllnevergetthat.php?code=".$var."\"></script>";

blahblahblah(get each lines)
echo "your JS comes here";

2) Basically a login works the same. Get the vars from an input-form check if the user is avlid (from a text file or a database) and save a cookie if yes. Try to look here in the forum. I'm too tired to write right now.


The only way to be sure is to get a copyright, which you can get pretty easily now days from sites like godaddy.

Hi Simon,

Thanks a lot for that, but it's a little hard for a total newbie like me to follow through it. But I'll try.

Yes I understand the open source concept, it's just that the article in the page needs to be protected.

Anyway, thanks again but if someone's willing to share a basic template that's easy to follow for a newbie that includes a basic login and other basic protection.

I've actually come across some of these links:

Login works as follows (alread typed that stuff already but someone interrupted my - damn it).

- HTML form with name and password
- PHP:


-the next pages tries to get the cookie:


this is very, very basic. You better use SESSION so that data are not transfered uncrypted over the internt.

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