hello everyone, i need your help
i want to create a php age that work the same as the mobile application"to do !ist"
so i want to create to do liat with php and mysql but i really dont know how to start and how it is supposed to work . i want to create a list contain my daily program and after everything i am done with i click on a check box and confirm and the page or the code take the values of what i am done with and save it in another database and i want to be able to view the done stuff . so please give me the way and tell what am i supposed to do .thanks

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thanks for the links but i know all of them but what i am missing is how to do it not the codes. the codes are not my problem ,all what i want is the way and how get the best solution


Alright. Here is the simple answer:

1) Have 3 databases with the following fields:

Database 1
Task ID
Task Name
Task Description
Task Priority
Start Time
End Time
User ID

Other Database - DB2
Task ID
Status - Created
Status - In Progress
Status - Cancelled
Status - Delegated
Status - Completed
TimeStamp (when it was created/modified)

Database -3
User ID
Password (can have MD5 # pwd)

Use Case for DB Function:
1) You/or others Register (DB 3 stores the information)
2) Entry form asks the To-do task infomration
3) Tasks updated in DB1. DB2 is auto set to 'Created'
4) Any changes in the status gets updated in DB2
5) Task marked completed when done

Use Case for Reminder script (task has been created)
1) A script that uses 'SELECT DO' methodology to send reminder on set time
2) Setup a cron job (Linux) or Schedule Job (Windows server) to call this script every day or every 6 hours or every hour (up to you and server load)
3) Setup in configuration three time gap values (say 24 hours (T1), 12 hours (T2), and 1 hour (T3))
4) When T2 < current time is <= T1, send 1st alert (e.g. email) and so on.

Script to show tasks:
1) Scripts checks the task ID and status - DB1 and DB2
2) If status <> Completed or Cancelled, show task and details and a checkbox
3) If status = Completed, show only when 'Completed task link' is selected
4) and so on

When you select a new status for to-do:
Call DB to update the status in DB2 for the task ID

Good luck for your project.

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