I am trying to find how to use custom tags in html and render data based on their use. A good example is the joomla <jm:whatever> tag. I found the following article:


I think it might be outdated though because the behavior:url element does not seem to work. Plus, when I check the style sheet on a joomla site, it doesnt seem to use this method. I think these tags might be xml but I do not know how to render them based on the tag. For example:

<customAbbrv:display src="test.html" label="Test" />

I would want this tag to fire test.html and pass the attribute label which is set to Test. Can anyone point me to some good tutorials about this?


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Hello Taywin,

Thanks for the reply. In these cases, they are not using Java.

However, I think I found a solution but I am not sure if it is the most optimized or best practices. Kind of difficult for find reading on this that is supported as a standard.

Basically, I have used Code Igniter and return the source of the html (not the view but a stand alone html) as a string. I set up a parser controller that goes through and, with regular expressions, switch out the custom tag for the appropriate code.

I would love to hear how anyone else has decided to do this, right or wrong, and if anyone ever comes across articles or journals, please post links. I will do the same. Once I know better as to what I am doing, I will post some code examples but obviously, an SME would much appreciated.


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