Okay My trial is running out on my VS2010 Pro in 22 days. I started shopping around and was in shock at the price of this software! It looks like the best I can do on VS 2010 w/MSDN (can't find one without) is $724. OUCH! I started looking more into it and found that the upgrade was only $282 at one place...so then I found a VS2008 Pro for $149.95... Is there a reason I shouldn't get 2008Pro and 2010Pro Upg? I would save $293 in doing so. Are there disadvantages to this? If not what the *@$@ is M$ thinking pricing pro2010 this high??

LOL, Crystal Reports, violation of licence agreements, corporate environment....need I say more :)

> Visual Stidio 2010...or?
... Java? ;)

Lol, I am a PHP programmer...ASP.NET is forced upon me by 'the man'...aka My Boss ;)..Java, PHP, or anything except ASP.net is a no go. Trust me I have tried to persuade.

Yeah, I didn't think that was really going to be an option for you. I agree, it's pretty crazy what MS charges for the VS+MSDN licenses. Good luck. I think all you can do is turn out your pockets and raise your hands.