Just wondering how to start with this, want to make just an shopping cart .

Want to do the following.

Just there is a list of food on my catalog, then when you click into the checkout it give you a reference so when you go down to the shop downstairs you can give them that referece and they give you the bag. you are not to pay online just be able to do an ordering system, also just on the backend need to see how many tuna melts i need to make for that day before 1am and wraps and cokes and etc..

Any way of doing this or tutorial on how i can start from scratch my shopping cart?


well i am looking for one that you just get a reference number and you can pick it up form the desk.

Sorry, I don't understand that, could you explain more...


Thats great very good setup but just need to change one thing

If i can replace the option of paying online with just people getting a number that they show when they arrive at the collection point.


I'm running a site providing shopping cart service. Let me know if you get stuck when program your cart (but don't expect snyone to write a shopping cart program for you).

do you find that this setup is very common that you do not pay online you just get a reference number and pay when you pick up goods?

You code should be easier to program as no online payment involved. It is similar to process offline payment or mail order. You can write a code to automatic generate random number or combination of random number and date, as the reference number, for your customer when they 'checkout'. Your customer then jot down the ref number and bring it to you to collect their purchase. See hotscripts.com for some sample shopping cat and modify to suit yours.

sorry to bother you again but looked on hot scripts and there are a lot of ones can you recommend any?