Hi this is scorpionz,

I have an hosting server of windows 2003 server machine, I have installed a xampp in it and hosted my dotproject installation on xampp, and installation went successful.

Now when i run the web dotproject software PHP based, this is what happen:

Firefox: (After login to a system, everything works perfectly)
I.E(6,7,8): (on every step it ask for Re-login).
Google chrome: (on every step it ask for Re-login).
Apple safari: (on every step it ask for Re-login).

Now most important, i installed the dotproject system on XP machine, with Xampp

It all works perfectly in all browsers mentioned above.

Now what is the issue is if the OS are both of Microsoft.



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Hey, former dotproject core developer here (under the name caseydk). You have at least two problems here:

First - to my understanding - IIS handled PHP sessions oddly until the 2008 servers, so you could see odd behavior and even session resetting when you didn't expect it. If I recall correctly, this was due to some path issues with were the sessions themselves were stored.

Second - and probably more importantly - is that dotProject was not built to support IIS. There were things like file handling and indexing that were built only with Apache in mind.. and in some cases with only *nux in mind. IIS on Windows is about as far as you can get from that.

To solve both of these, I suggest you upgrade to web2project. We forked from dotProject about three years ago and have followed an aggressive release schedule ever since. We specifically validated IIS support and continue testing for it with each release. There are over 250 major and minor differences. Here is some more info:


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