Hi please help with the coed to upload a CSV file. i triied using this code which i used on msome of my pages to upload files like pictures and text files and it works pefactly

strFile = "C:\TBP_IntdevResellerReport.csv  "
set galaxy = Server.CreateObject("SiteGalaxyUpload.Form")

if galaxy("upload_btn") = "Upload" then


     if len(file) > 0 then 
        galaxy("upload_file").SaveAs (strFile)

        set galaxy=nothing
     end if 
end if

response.write "<form name=""upload_form""  enctype=""multipart/form-data"" action=""voise_calls.asp"" method=""post"">"
    response.write "<p> Please select file to upload:</p>"
    response.writye "<input type=""file"" name=""upload_file"" size=""30""/>"
    response.write"<br/><br/><input type=""submit"" name=""upload_btn"" value=""Upload"" class=""FormButtons"" />"

but gives me an error that says Failed to read binary data

but if i load other type of files it works please help

you dont have to fix my code if you have one that will work better
thanx in advance

I see an error in line 20. It should be


OK i checked that and still the code don't read the file but it can read for other type of files like text files or pictures but not CSV files..

Hey dear.
It a mistake. It's not an error
when you will write this program. You can right it........

sports channels

and i did ryt it :D i just got it working the problem want the my code the problem was with my file it was to large... :D